Richard Shaw's Legacy



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This book is the 'stand alone' past life story, set in 1497.

388 pages.


It can be read as part of the much longer book 'Beyond Mercy' by Audrey Coatesworth, which also has an interwoven modern story containing links from that era to the present/future.  


This incredible story tells of grief , love and devotion when a family, in a village in Yorkshire, England, is destroyed by hate and intolerance in the 15th century. The search for truth and justice, which began in 1497, will finally end in the 21st century.  


This is not a book about religion or religious beliefs, but the reader should well be prepared for a challenge to both.


The reader is left wondering whether this book is fact or fiction.  


The author believes this story to be true and that proof will be found when a casket is finally unearthed in the village where the atrocities in the book happened. When that time will be? She cannot say, but this book is prepared in readiness for that event.  


What will Richard Shaw's legacy be?  

Tempus dicet - time will tell.


Dr Audrey Coatesworth is a retired Consultant Psychiatrist.