Recollections of a Yorkshire village 1914-1930

Dad's book

A book of memories of childhood in Yorkshire (England), mostly from age 6 - 12 years, which has been compiled from two booklets of the writings of Hubert Moxon Earnshaw J.P. by his daughter Dr Audrey Coatesworth.

The book gives a unique insight into the tough but emotionally rich and interesting life of a young boy in a rural village between 1914 -1920, with a few additions from later years.


Audrey Coatesworth writes:


'I received my copy of his first small book from my father at Christmas 1982.


I think my father would be delighted to have his interesting little books of the village available to many. Living and dying before the computer age that was something he would not have thought possible. It is a small piece of rural history, written from his memories in his last two to three years of his life.


It is my tribute to my father to edit these writings. Some chapters are from his first book and others from his second. I have not altered any punctuation or words in the script, but not all chapters from the two books are included, as some are purely family or work related.


The writings are presented just how he wrote them, except that, because of a wider readership, I have blanked out the names of villagers other than our own family or relatives. Anything I have added into the script is in a bracket and in italics e.g. (italics)


I hope those who read these words written by my father are taken back in time to an era long since gone. A time which, though it could be hard and with much grief, was, at least in his childhood, also a time of family cohesion, village togetherness and emotional warmth.


The village is the same as the one in my past life book 'Beyond Mercy', and a link exists between the two books.


Audrey Coatesworth