Poems for 3-7 years

There are 63 poems in this book, written for children aged 3-7 years.They are meant to be read to children.


In this beautiful collection Dr Audrey Coatesworth uses the medium of rhyming verse to promote the social and emotional development of younger children.  


Her unique understanding of how children think, feel and learn has been distilled into a simple and timely philosophy: that the Early Years from 3-7 are those in which people ‘learn how to be’. It is at this formative time that the human qualities most likely to sustain lasting fulfilment and hope, such as kindness, caring and endeavour, can most naturally take root.  


To all who share this belief and wish to nurture the welfare of children, these verses are a gift. Each one is a little ‘story’ or metaphor which gently encourages young minds to reflect on real or imagined experience. Humorous, thought-provoking, moving and wise, these verses are a magical medium through which children can safely develop new ways of understanding themselves, their world and how best to live within it.  


For all who are ‘learning how to be’ – at whatever stage in life – Dr Coatesworth’s poems are a sure and true guide to future universal well-being.

Poems 3-7 Years