Kaleidoscope BOOK 1 and BOOK 2 and The Collection

This is the first in the poetry book series 'Kaleidoscope'. The poems are written by a retired psychiatrist, Dr Audrey Coatesworth, who now uses the written word with a therapeutic intention. The poems are based on her knowledge and experience - both from her work and her life.  


Unlike her other poetry books - which have a 'theme', these poems cover many topics. Hence the title 'Kaleidoscope'.  


The cover, painted by artist David S Earnshaw ( elder brother of Audrey Coatesworth) and without knowledge of the book or the content of the poems, gives a beautiful representation of the poems in the book.  


In the midst of the different shades of life's experiences can be found a different and always flowing source of energy and light.

Kaleidoscope BOOk 2 Kaleidoscope BOOK 1 Kaleidoscope Collection

This is the second book in the Kaleidoscope series by retired English psychiatrist, Dr Audrey Coatesworth.


It contains 75 poems in 148 pages  


Dr Coatesworth writes about this book:-


Since publishings my poetry books for older readers, Daily LIfe, From Darkness to Light and A Spiritual Journey, I have continued to write many poems.


My Kaleidoscope series have no 'theme' but the poems reflect my knowledge and experience from my life and work.


The poems all have a purpose. The overall message is that 'good will prevail' and that' we have resources to help us to cope' with what life throws at us.


While coping with adversity we are inevitably pushed into the deeper levels of our own being.

This book is a collection of the poems of both Kaleidoscope BOOK 1 and BOOK 2, written by Audrey Coatesworth, a retired Consultant Psychiatrist.


She continues her therapeutic work through the medium of the written word.


The poems cover many aspects of life and different situations, some light and some dark.


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