This book contains 78 poems, written for children aged between 7-13 years. They cover many aspects of life. The 26 delightful llustrations and the cover picture are by Yorkshire artist, David S Earnshaw, the elder brother of Dr Audrey Coatesworth.


The author, Dr Coatesworth, is a retired psychiatrist, wife, mother and grandmother.  


Some of the verses tell meaningful stories, all have a message, many contain humour whilst others show how wisdom, pleasure and growth can spring from the simplest and most natural things within a busy and materialistic world.  


Dr Coatesworth knows that growing up is rarely plain sailing, even in a loving and caring family environment, and her writing doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable truths.


She writes from her concern for children, but these poems do not patronise children and the effect is never threatening or negative; any learning the reader may do takes place in a safe and manageable context.  


The collection is written from experience and knowledge to encourage values such as kindness. courage and endurance.

Growing Up - cover1


This cover  and purchase is of the original book print - can still be bought in UK,

with original pictures of several poems. The pictures were painted especially for the poems by D S Earnshaw

( Yorkshire artist).


Other versions can be bought via this link