From Darkness to Light


This is the second in a series of poetry books by Dr Audrey Coatesworth, the others being 'Daily Life' and 'A Spiritual Journey'.  


The book contains 148 poems. click here to see 'list of poems'


Dr Coatesworth was an English psychiatrist for over 35 years and her poems reflect her knowledge and experience, both from her personal life and in her extensive work.


The poems in this book have a common theme, that of suffering and pain. Many books have been written about the pathologies causing pain, the mechanisms and the treatment. These poems are about ‘how if feels’, ‘about having to cope with darkness’, and, if and when possible, ‘moving towards the light’.


Dr Coatesworth writes, 'As people’s experiences are similar but all different on a personal level, so I make no apology that many of my poems also have the same theme. However, they too are subtly different from one another. This book is meant to be ‘dipped into’ a piece at a time, not devoured as a whole and if only one poem in the book helps the reader, then the book will have been worthwhile.'