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I am Audrey Coatesworth, a retired Consultant Psychiatrist who specialised in the effects and treatement of PTSD.


I am the author of many poetry books based on my knowledge and experience.

I have also written 'Beyond Mercy' - a past life story.


By Audrey Coatesworth, Jul 13 2016 01:02PM

This book is the stand-along past life story from Beyond Mercy - a book set in 1497. Written without research, this is a story of a family destroyed by hate and intolerance and the search for truth and justice that followed. The author believes that the story is true - and that proof will be unearthed in the near future. What will Richard Shaw's true legacy be in the 21st century?

Now available as paperback book from Createspace or or via

MY BOOKS website.

eBooks for ipad/PC and Kindle from 'eBooks by Audrey Coatesworth'

Preview of the book on MY BOOKS

By guest, Mar 6 2014 09:33AM

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