Beyond Mercy is the first 'novel' written by retired English psychiatrist, Dr Audrey Coatesworth. It is a story of the events in a past life, told in detail, with links to the present day.


It is a long, enthralling read - a total of 527 pages, written, deliberately, in two different and distinct styles to match the eras in which the story is set.


This incredible story, partly involving a village in Yorkshire, England, reveals personal connections between the past, present and future. It is a story of grief, love and devotion when a family becomes destroyed by hate and intolerance.


The search for truth and justice which follows begins in 1497 and ends in the 21st century. In fact, that search is not yet complete!


The reader is left wondering whether this is a work of fact or fiction - in reality, it could be both.


Could the life and happenings narrated in 1497 possibly be true.


The author says that 'the answer will be given when the proof is found, as described in the book. People will either understand the book and its meaning and love it - or not understand and hate or dismiss it - 5 stars or 1.

That choice is not mine - I had to write what I wrote!"


Don't miss out on a book that could, in the fulness of time, change the beliefs of mankind.




" A stunning read". " Compelling", " Quite astonishing" 'Spellbinding ' are some of the positive comments of readers. 'Unreadable' is one of the negative comments.




Beyond Mercy bookcover

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