The author - Audrey Coatesworth


Dr Audrey Coatesworth trained at Edinburgh University Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1962. For the last 35 yrs - until her recent retirement, she worked as a psychiatrist. In the early years of her career she worked part-time to fit in with the needs and school hours of her children (and through their teenage years).


As a consultant, she specialised in psychotherapy - in particular the treatment of the unresolved traumas - both recent and past, of the patients referred into her care. She understood that those unresolved traumas resulted in negative memories and connected beliefs. These beliefs, stored consciously or unconsciously in the mind, caused many of the emotional problems both of the patient and within their interpersonal relationships.


Many traumas dated back to childhood - deliberate, accidental or unfortunate. Life is eventful.Traumas, illness and grief cannot be avoided and successfully overcoming adversity, big or small,is an essential part of emotional growth. But she believes that prevention, if possible - is the best option.


Her strong belief as a mother and grandmother and strengthened by her many years of work, is that the safe and loving care of their own children is the greatest responsibility anyone can undertake and that there is no adequate substitute - for a child in the first few years - for a mother, father or close family member eg grandmother or one-to-one care by someone who loves the child.That care is not only for the 'present' of the child but for his/her future.


Time that is missed cannot be regained. Long lasting love, understanding, happiness or respect can never be bought.The available early years are short - but of immense importance.


Her poetry books continue her life long work - now through the different medium of poetry.


She has written poetry books for children and teenagers - Poems for 3-7 years, Growing Up, Coping with illness and grief, Choice for Teenagers -  see details on individual pages  - menu- 'books'.


She has made an interactive site for primary school children - with poems, songs, puzzles, interesting topics ( eg growing vegetables), unusual pets and 'I can learn to spell' pages!


She writes TOPICS - Food for thought - on - based on the wide knowledge gained from her many years of work in her chosen field.  Many of these topice are concerned with the care of very young children and with teenage behaviour and, above all, safety. Others are about the care of the elderly, the power of beliefs and other related topics.


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