A Spiritual Journey

The book contains 110 poems - click here to see list of books


They were written during several years of severe and life threatening illness in the life of retired psychiatrist Dr Audrey Coatesworth. This book is the logical sequel to the books, 'Daily Life', and 'From Darkness to Light' by the same author.


They tell of a ‘journey of discovery’, within the spiritual planes of existence. Experiences and awareness within these planes, beyond the normal sphere of life, which can be accessed in times of dire distress, are recorded beautifully in these poems.  


Above all, they are poems of hope and the abiding love of God and about a spiritual existence beyond this earthly life. They tell of a love which is stronger than Evil and which one day will, by its very nature, defeat Evil.  


These are not religious poems. Dr Ccoatesworth believes that every human, of whatever nationality or location, has the right to search and understand with a free mind. People behave according to their beliefs, but do not realise that therein lies their eternal destination.  


By reading these poems, the reader can gain a different understanding, an understanding which is for all to know.